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React Recover

The threat of Loss of Control is real.

Vxperts Aviation and Academy of Aviation have teamed up to offer UPRT Training featuring our "Recognize, React, Recover" methodology.

Today's sophisticated avionics often distract pilots with the variety of procedures they require and large number of components they contain. This kind of distraction during conventional training programs prevents the pilot from focusing on some of the most essential elements of flying. Simulator training, becoming increasingly more common, also presents unique problems for pilots trying to learn new technique. Only in actual aircraft can a pilot encounter true stall and spin characteristics.

Our Motivation:

From student pilots to CFIs, and all the way to Airline Transport Pilots, everyone can benefit from Upset Prevention & Recovery Training. We offer UPRT programs tailored for each and every pilot type as well as every skill level. Our instructors work with you or your company to asses your needs and design a highly customized program to achieve the greatest efficiency and training knowledge for every pilot. We also offer aerobatic flight training programs for those aviation daredevils.

Our Goals:

Increase pilot's awareness for LOC (loss of control) situations and prevent an LOC situation more effectively. Recover from a LOC situation faster, safer, and with a minimal passenger inconvenience.

For The Pilot:

Develop ingrained, resilient and instinctive skills to prevent, recognize, and correctly recover from LOC-I.

Improve essential manual aircraft handling and airmanship aptitude.

Ensure deep-rooted skills for recovering from LOC-I in any aircraft type.

Amplify pilot competence and marketability.

For Owners & Operators:

Implement plane-specific UPRT expertise to train authority pilots and enforce a powerful administrative program that saves lives.

Cornerstone increase in comprehensive and practical safety.

Vxperts Aviation and Academy of Aviation partners with your airline, using our resources to establish exceptional UPRT implementation within your ecosystem.

Set a quality safety standard for your flight department.

Vxperts Aviation offers the following standard training programs.

Contact us for information on custom programs tailored specifically to your needs. We can host pilots at our facility at Republic Airport (KFRG) or arrangements can be made to complete flight and ground training at the customer's own facilities.

The courses will provide:

Advanced Aerodynamics ground school and in-plane instruction (actual flights). Simulators lack the accuracy of unusual attitudes and turbulent air flow (i.e. advanced stalls and spins).

Now offering full HD video and audio recording capabilities for every flight.
Get a complete video edit of your flight experience containing both footage from a wing mounted camera and an inside cockpit mounted camera along with intercom audio recording. Use your video and intercom audio as a fun way to share you flight with others, but more importantly, look back at your training and use it as a recurring resource of information. Add this video/audio package to any of the below classes for just $100!


Principles of UPRT - $1,100: Our principals course introduces students to the fundamentals of UPRT including stalls and spins. Students will learn about these and other concepts in a ground school environment and then have the opportunity to fly our aircraft in order to start becoming familiar with unusual attitudes.

This course includes 2-hour ground school + 1 flight mission in our Extra 300 aerobatic aircraft.


Intermediate UPRT - $2,189: Diving deeper into topics such as advanced aerodynamics, real life case studies, pilot performance analysis and repetitive practice, in order to establish a muscle memory.

This course includes 2 full flight sessions, each including a full ground school, flight mission, and mission debrief.


Advanced UPRT, Plus Intro to Aerobatics - $3,289: Our premiere training for the professional pilot. Comprehensive ground, flight and post-flight instruction on situations such as stalls, unusual attitudes, fully developed spins, VFR/IFR scenarios, and aerobatics.

This course includes 3 full flight sessions, each including a full ground school, flight mission, and mission debrief. *Prerequisite: Principles or Intermediate Class

Intro Lesson:

Intro to Aerobatics Lessons: Receive the thrill experience of a lifetime and fly with United States Unlimited Aerobatic Pilot, David Windmiller! Purchase a an intro lesson flight for yourself or as a gift for someone. Contact us for more information on available flight packages.